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Founder Robert Mathys Senior

We are Mathys!

...and our story dates back to 1946!


Starting as just a small family business we have grown to become an international orthopaedic company. 


How did this evolve?



Here are the most important milestones...


1946 Bettlach, Switzerland: Robert Mathys Sr. founds the Swiss family business – a factory to develop and manufacture machinery and instruments as well as producing components made of special stainless and acid-resistant steels.

1958 Start of the collaboration with Prof. Maurice E. Müller in the field of osteosynthesis. Founding of the AO Foundation (AO/ASIF).


1963 Development of the first hip stem (straight stem) in collaboration with Prof. Maurice E.  Müller.


1967–1996 Development, production and distribution of artificial joint implants for Protek (later Sulzer).


1972 First implantation of a hip joint prosthesis with a ceramic head.


1985 Establishment of the RMS Foundation (legally and financially independent of Mathys Ltd Bettlach).


1996 Sulzer terminates its contract with Mathys for development, production and distribution of artificial joint implants. Mathys subsequently develops, produces and markets the products under its own name (Mathys Orthopaedics).


2002 Acquisition of the German company Keramed. This makes Mathys the sole orthopaedic manufacturer with its own in-house ceramics development and production.


2003 Following the sale of the osteosynthesis division, Mathys focuses on artificial joint replacement products and artificial bone replacement material changing its name to Mathys Ltd Bettlach.

Livio Marzo, Hugo Mathys, Robert Mathys

2008 A strategic alliance is formed with the Italian orthopaedic company Lima-Lto S.p.A.
Livio Marzo becomes a member of the Board of Directors – the third generation joins the company.


2009 Opening Mathys China. Founding Mathys Japan.

2012 Founding of the Business Unit Sporthopaedics with focus on products for Sports Orthopaedic.