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Affinis® Total Shoulder Endoprosthesis

The only Total Shoulder Endoprosthesis with a relocatable cone and an eccentric head for restoring the center of rotation of the humeral head.


The great success of the Articula® Trauma Shoulder Endoprosthesis, with its simple surgical technique and innovative adjustability feature, also guided us in the development of the Affinis® Total Shoulder Endoprosthesis. Our latest solution therefore has a double eccentric mechanism by means of which the center of rotation can be restored in a simple and elegant manner. Once again, it was considered particularly important to keep the instrument set simple and precise.


Advantages of the system

  • Precise adjustability to the existing anatomy to restore the center of rotation
  • Adaptation to post-traumatic malpositioning
  • Simple and exact reconstruction of the center of the head thanks to the movable cone and the eccentric head
  • Simple and precise instrument set
  • Cemented and uncemented implantation

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