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balanSys® Total Endoprosthesis fixed and mobile bearing


The wide range of balanSys implants offer maximum flexibility to orthopaedic surgeons – depending on their intra-operative needs.

Surgical techniques

The 4in1 surgical techniques allows the surgeon to perform easy and safe surgical procedures – the standardized 4in1 bone-orientated surgical technique and the 4in1 combination technique offer an efficient and safe surgical technique for a maximum of flexibility.


The Mathys instrumentations are easy and safe to handle, as they are specially designed for the needs of surgeons. The instruments are arranged logically allowing the surgeon to focus on the operation rather than on the instruments.

Swiss quality

The balanSys System is a Swiss product and stands for high-grade materials and craftsmanship. All implants and instruments are made exclusively in Switzerland and meet the highest industrial standards. Extensive investigation and testing procedures guarantee top level quality: For the patients' well being.

balanSys implants provide early mobilization and maximum range of motion.