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CCA Straight Stem

CCA Straight Stem standard and lateral

The cemented CCA straight stem prosthesis in accordance to Professor M. E. Müller is available in a standard version and a lateralised one for appropriate reconstruction of the anatomical proportions. The long-term clinical results (1, 2, 3) confirm the extraordinary results achieved with this anchoring concept.



Additional advantages

  • The stems are offered in corrosion-resistant steel (ISO 5832-9) or in CoCrMo (ISO 5832-12). The risk of allergic reactions is thus minimised as far as possible.
  • Experience in development and manufacturing of clinically proven straight stems since 1976.


Possible indications

  • Degenerative joint diseases such as coxarthrosis
  • Fracture of the femoral neck
  • Femoral head necrosis


1 Müller M.E.:

Lessons of 30 Years of Total Hip Arthroplasty.

Clinical Orthopaedics 274:12,1992.


2 D. Räber, St. Czaja, E. Morscher:

Original M.E.M. Geradschaft-Prothese - 15-Jahres-Resultate

Schweiz. Med. Wochenschrift 1997;127: Suppl. 91.


3 The Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register




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