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Mathys is a globally operating company. Founded in 1946, the company has been active in medical technology since 1958. Since 2003, Mathys has focused exclusively on the development, manufacture and distribution of products for artificial joint replacements. The company's services include implants for hips, knees, and shoulders, as well as synthetic bone replacements. In 2013, Mathys moved into the field of sports orthopedics. Mathys has development and production sites in Switzerland and Germany, as well as subsidiaries in 11 countries. Overall, Mathys employs around 600 people.


Realignment of the Mathys orthopaedics business

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Company culture

We are convinced that our customers and employees greatly benefit from a strong, solid company culture.

To nurture and at the same time further develop this culture is therefore extremely important, which is why it focuses onour mission, vision and our five company values: They are binding worldwide and are standard for all employees.

Our values have been laid down in writing by twelve employees from various divisions. They describe our conduct and which characteristics we consider important in day-to-day business.

Mathys History

We are Mathys – and our story dates back to 1946!

Discover how a small family business became an international orthopaedic company and follow the traces of time:

  • 1946

    Robert Mathys Senior founded the company in Bettlach, Switzerland: At the time it was a factory for the development and production of machines and devices. He further processed components from rust and acid-resistant special steels.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 1946
  • 1958

    Prof. Maurice E. Müller and Robert Mathys Senior begin their cooperation. Focus in products for the osteosynthesis field.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 1958
  • 1963

    Development of the first hip stem in collaboration with Prof. Maurice E. Müller and Robert Mathys Senior.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 1963
  • 1967

    Mathys develops, produces and distributes implants for artificial arthroplasty for «Protek» and later for «Sulzer».

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 1967
  • 1985

    Founding of the RMS Foundation: The research foundation and Mathys Ltd Bettlach are to this day legally and financially independent

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 1985
  • 1996

    Mathys develops, produces and sells its products for artificial arthoplasty for the first time under its own name «Mathys Orthopaedics» after «Sulzer» ends its cooperation with Mathys.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 1996
  • 2002

    «Keramed Medizintechnik GmbH» takeover: Mathys now develops and produces as one of the few orthopaedic manufacturers its own ceramic. The material know-how for this is based on knowledge dating back to 1972.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 2002
  • 2003

    The osteosynthesis division is sold to «Synthes» – later known as «DePuySynthes». Mathys begins focussing on orthopaedics and bone replacement material.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 2003
  • 2008

    Livio Marzo became a Member of the Board of Directors which is now the 3rd generation.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 2008
  • 2012

    With «Ligamys» – a product for preservation of torn front cruciate ligaments – Mathys began specialising in the area of sports orthopaedics.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 2012
  • 2014

    Roger Mathys becomes the second 3rd generation member to be selected as Member of the Board of Directors.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte 2014
  • 2016

    Founding of subsidiary Italy.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte: Gründung von Mathys Italia
  • 2017

    As per 1 August 2017, Hugo Mathys hands over the management of the company to Dr Benjamin Reinmann, who runs the family business as CEO.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte: Neuer CEO per 01.08.2017: Dr. Benjamin Reinmann links mit Verwaltungsratspräsident Hugo Mathys rechts.
  • 2018

    In April 2018, Livio Marzo, member of the Board of Directors since 2008, is elected Vice-Chairman of this body, further strengthening the presence of the third generation in the family business.

    Bild zeigt Mathys Geschichte: Neuer Vizepräsident gewählt, April 2018: Livio Marzo.
  • 2020

    Hugo Mathys hands over his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors to Livio Marzo.
    With Livio Marzo, a family member of the third generation now takes over the leadership of our Board of Directors.


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