Mathys Ltd Bettlach is proud to announce the release of two further implant sizes in its flagship RM Pressfit vitamys cup range. To coincide with this, the Swiss prosthesis manufacturer is releasing a full range of hooded RM Pressfit vitamys implants plus an entirely new modular instrument set. All these will be available from 1 July 2022.

A pioneering design reaches maturity

Since the pioneering concept of Robert Mathys Sr in the 1970s to develop an uncemented isoelastic monoblock cup system, the RM cup series has been an unparalleled success story. 

Employing an equatorial press-fit design described by Prof. E. W. Morscher and drawing on Wolff’s law that bone strength gradually adapts to the loads placed on it, the RM cup design supports physiological load distribution across the acetabular side of the hip joint and impresses with its outstanding international registry data.  

The undeniable success of RM cups has been proven by their widespread use and impressive clinical outcomes and is thanks to their key properties: elasticity, an osteoinductive titanium particle coating and a thick polyethylene wall.

vitamys, a material game changer

The RM Pressfit vitamys cup has taken this a step further with improved bone preservation and even lower wear rates, thanks to a bearing surface that makes use of the unique material vitamys: a vitamin E-enriched, highly crosslinked polyethylene. The interaction of this isoelastic polyethylene with maximal wall thickness and an outer titanium particle coating reduces the risk of osteolysis and preserves the surrounding bone. 

Isoelasticity, or throughgoing elasticity, means that the RM Pressfit vitamys cup has a similar elasticity as the surrounding bone. This impacts stress-shielding behaviour positively, preventing potential reduction in bone density.  

All these factors combine to make the RM Pressfit vitamys cup an excellent solution that addresses the key clinical challenges for successful implant survival, namely long-term implant stability and the preservation of bone stock in the short-, medium- and long-term, while greatly reducing the risk of wear-induced osteolysis. 

Two additional implant sizes, a hooded range and
a new instrument set

Today, we are thrilled to augment our flagship cup series with two additional small implant sizes 42/28 and 46/32 for the current RM Pressfit vitamys portfolio as well as a complete range of hooded RM Pressfit vitamys implants. The additional range of hooded RM Pressfit cups is specifically intended to serve clinicians who prefer a posterior approach. 

This series enhancement will be released in conjunction with a completely new modular instrument set. The new Mathys instrument set has been designed to further optimise workflow efficiency, and it offers various options for customised configurations in Mathys’ markets. 

These new additions to its implant portfolio will further consolidate Mathys Ltd Bettlach’s position as a leading provider of orthopaedic solutions and will continue to propel patients towards maximum mobility.

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