By Brent R. Lloyd, Sr. Director, Medical Education at Enovis

Leading Surgical Techniques

In the dynamic world of medicine, it’s imperative for physicians to constantly evolve and learn, long after medical school, residencies, and fellowships. For the benefit of their patients, surgeons must stay current with the pace of the technology leaps and bounds unfolding seemingly in real-time. I’m inspired every day that not only my colleagues at Enovis, but the surgeons in our field embrace this mindset and shared commitment to “Better Is ___.”

At Enovis, we’re proud to be at the forefront of surgical education, providing numerous opportunities for continuing education designed to enhance surgical skills. These opportunities help drive innovation and excellence for surgeons and keep their focus where it needs to be: on providing excellent patient care. Our world-class faculty and engaged attendees are the embodiment of how we are Creating Better Together™.

Tailored Education

Every surgeon is unique, and so we aim to provide training that can be individually tailored. Our offerings include surgical observations, cadaveric bio-skills labs, advanced surgical approach demonstrations, clinic observations, virtual case consultations, and exclusive visits to our Customer Experience Suite (CES) at the Enovis Surgical headquarters with intimate sessions led by our product experts.

These opportunities allow surgeons to focus on what’s important to them, whether they’re looking to refine existing skills or explore new techniques and the latest technologies.


(Group) Class is in Session

Amazing things happen when we work together – this philosophy is core to everything we do at Enovis. Our group trainings are available for both seasoned physicians looking to update and refine skills and residents and fellows who are growing their knowledge and experience. These courses are structured to provide participants with the essential tools and technologies required to excel in their practices.

Empowering Early-Career Surgeons

Residents and fellows are the future of healthcare, and Enovis is excited to offer educational opportunities tailored to emerging leaders. National courses designed for residents and fellows often include additional cadaveric lab opportunities and didactic sessions with top-notch faculty. These courses allow participants to gain hands-on experience and learn from experts in their chosen area of focus.


Furthermore, being in the company of fellow residents and fellows from different programs fosters an environment where knowledge and experiences can be freely shared. This collaborative spirit helps participants broaden their horizons and grow their network of colleagues who often become invaluable resources throughout their careers.

Creating Better Together

It’s gratifying to work for a company that is not only at the forefront of surgical innovation but also maintains a commitment to building a community of lifelong learners who are dedicated to providing the best care for their patients. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the manufacturing floor, the classroom, or the lab – it can also be seen in the community of surgeons attending Enovis courses. The camaraderie and collaboration among program attendees and faculty lead to lifelong connections. As the surgical landscape continues to evolve, we look forward to providing physicians with the training and community they need to get their patients back to their healthy, active lifestyles.



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