RM Pressfit vitamys

monoblock cup


The RM Pressfit vitamys cup, launched onto the market in 2009, combines the advantages of the RM Pressfit cup with the good material properties of vitamys, a highly cross-linked, vitamin-E-stabilised polyethylene (HXLPE) that is highly resistant to oxidation, ageing and wear. 1, 2

The RM Pressfit vitamys cup – the first cement-free elastic monoblock cup worldwide made of HXLPE enriched with vitamin E – is the advancement of the proven RM Pressfit cup. The RM Pressfit cup achieves its primary stability through an equatorial press-fit. Aided by the flattening of the polar region, compressive forces are guided towards the periphery of the acetabular cup. 3 Additional stabilisation can be achieved as needed, using up to four screws.

The implant has an elasticity similar to bone. 4, 5, 6 Together with the special titanium particle coating on the cup surface, speedy osseointegration is sustainably supported and this allows for reliable secondary stability. 7

The properties of vitamys allow for thinner walls, which subsequently permit the use of larger articulation diameters with smaller cups: Starting with a cup size of 48mm an articulation of 32mm is possible, and starting with 50mm, an articulation of 36mm is possible. 1


  • Based on the clinical evidence of RM Classic and RM Pressfit monoblock cups 4, 8, 9, 10
  • Supplement to the RM philosophy with a vitamin-E-stabilised HXLPE vitamys
  • High resistance to wear and ageing 1, 2
  • Elasticity of the implant similar to bone in order to preserve bone over the long term 6
  • Uncemented press-fit primary fixation with additional option for screw fixation 3
  • Secondary stability is achieved through the microstructure of the titanium particle coating of the cup 7, 8, 11
  • 7A* ODEP Rating 12

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12 Latest ODEP reatings can be found at www.odep.org.uk

More information on the bonepreservation system can be found at www.bonepreservation.com


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