RM Pressfit vitamys

monoblock cup


Pioneering, proven & isoelasticRM Pressfit vitamys

As early as the 1970s, Robert Mathys, Sr. pursued the pioneering idea of developing isoelastic monoblock implants1. This idea in combination with the equatorial pressfit described by Prof. Erwin Morscher 2,3 and the tribological option of a vitamin E-enriched, highly cross-linked polyethylene (VEPE)4 resulted in the unique RM Pressfit vitamys cup.

The basic philosophy based on Wolff’s law 1,5, which has proven its worth over many years, convinces with excellent clinical outcomes 6 – 10 and outstanding international registry data 11–15.

The elasticity of the RM Pressfit vitamys cup matches that of the surrounding bone16, thus having a  positive impact on the stress shielding behaviour 17,25,26.

The interaction of low-wear isoelastic vitamys polyethylene (VEPE)4 with maximum wall thickness17-19 and titanium  particle coating reduces the risk of osteolysis 4, 7, 20–23 and preserves the surrounding bone  10, 24–27 in the long term.

Mathys-typical straightforward instruments support an efficient workflow. The monobloc design of the RM Pressfit vitamys cup moreover allows minimisation of implant warehousing space despite a comprehensive size range.

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