twinSys cemented

Stem system


The basic design of the twinSys stem system is based on the straight-stem prosthesis concept by Prof. Maurice E. Müller. The twinSys system has been distributed since 2003 with the aim of enabling surgeons to perform cemented and uncemented implan-tation with a single instrumentation.

The cemented twinSys stem is a straight monoblock prosthesis available in both Standard and Lateral versions. In relation  to the rasp, the stem is under-dimensioned by 1 mm per side, offering sufficient space for a homogenous cement mantle.

The rounded, rectangular cross-section gives the implant its stability against rotational forces acting on it. According to the French philosophy of combining a highly polished stem with a thin cement mantle («composite beam»), no centring aid is necessary. 1, 2

The triply conical stem geometry transforms the shear forces into compressive forces and allows wedging of the stem in the cement mantle, thereby minimising the risk of postoperative subsidence. 3 By absorbing micro-movements between the implant and the cement mantle, the highly polished surface reduces the risk of prosthesis loosening. 1, 2 


  • Same instrumentation for implantation of the cemented and uncemented stems
  • Triply conical design with thin cement mantle to minimise the risk of subsidence 1, 2, 3
  • Highly polished surface to reduce micro-movements and friction between implant and cement 2, 3
  • 7 A* ODEP rating 4

1 Skinner, J.A., et al., Should the cement mantle around the femoral component be thick or thin? J Bone Joint Surg Br, 2003. 85(1): p. 45-51.

2 Scheerlinck T.; Casteleyn P.-P.; The design features of cemented femoral hip implants; J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2006;88-B:1409-18.

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4 The most recent ODEP rating can be downloaded from


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