Proven total knee prosthesis


balanSys BICONDYLAR is a system for bicondylar total knee replacement and is based on four prosthesis philosophies (CR, UC, RP, PS) for a wide variety of clinical requirements. The enhanced leggera instruments offer refinements in precision and technology and are available as a liga-ment-oriented ligament tensor technique or for a bone-oriented surgical technique.

The balanSys BICONDYLAR knee system demonstrates clinical reliability and scores highly in terms of patient satisfaction.1

The stable anchoring of the components with optimally congruent articulation surfaces, combined with the femoral single-radius design, results in a durable total knee replacement. The specific design is geared to stability over the entire range of motion.

balanSys BICONDYLAR inlays made of vitamys achieve high oxidation resistance by addition of the natural antioxidant vitamin E. This ensures that the excellent mechanical and tribological properties are maintained even over long periods of use.2 The refined height  increments of the vitamys inlays support the precise balancing adjustments of the flexion and extension gap and allow intraoperative flexibility for fine-tuning of the stability.

In addition, the portfolio comprises balanSys BICONDYLAR TiNbN*-coated tibia and femur components for CR, UC and PS. The special TiNbN coating is an abrasion-resistant layer that reduces the release of metal ions into the patient’s tissue.


  • 4 proven implant philosophies in 8 sizes each
  • vitamys inlays with refined height gradations
  • Enhanced leggera instruments
  • Bone-oriented or ligament-tensor surgical technique
  • TiNbN-coated component

1 Heesterbeek, P.: Superior long-term survival for fixed bearing compared with mobile bearing in ligament-balanced total knee arthroplasty. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc, 2017.

2 Data on file at Mathys Ltd Bettlach.

* TiNbN = Titanium Niobium Nitrid.


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