balanSys UNI

Unicompartmental fixed-bearing prosthesis


balanSys UNI is a modular knee system for cemented unicompartmental knee joint replacement. For implantation, there is a choice between the ligament-oriented ligament tensor technique and the conventional spacer block technique.

The minimally invasive partial joint replacement prosthesis allows preservation of the cruciate ligaments for natural proprioception. The design of the balanSys UNI femoral component has two radii in the sagittal plane, in order to reconstruct both the distal and the posterior femoral condyle anatomically and to maintain deep knee flexion.

balanSys UNI inlays are available in vitamys. By addition of the natural antioxidant vitamin E, vitamys inlays achieve high oxidation resistance. This ensures that the excellent mechanical and tribological properties are maintained even over long periods of use.1 vitamys inlays are thus designed for maximum durability and a long life time.

For implantation, the balanSys UNI system offers two surgical techniques, depending on the surgeon’s preference: on the one hand as a spacer block technique and on the other hand as a ligament tensor technique. The balanSys UNI ligament tensor clearly represents the ligament-oriented basic philosophy of the balanSys UNI system and permits a resection that takes the natural ligament tension in the knee into account.

The balanSys UNI knee system offers high patient satisfaction and leads to clinically relevant pain reduction.2


  • Multi-radius femur design
  • vitamys inlays
  • Surgical technique based on spacer block or ligament tensor

1 Data on file at Mathys Ltd Bettlach

2 Campbell, D.: Unicondylar knee replacement with a new tensioner device: clinical results of a multicentre study on 168 cases. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg, 2010.


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