Total shoulder endoprosthesis


The Affinis total shoulder endoprosthesis, with its double eccentricity – a movable cone and eccentric head – allows the centre of rotation of the head to be restored in a simple and anatomical manner. 1, 2 Less polyethylene wear can be anticipated in combination with the vitamys glenoid components than with the UHMWPE components. 3

The Affinis prosthesis is also ideal for treating post-traumatic malpositions. 1 It can be easily adjusted to the anatomic conditions, which facilitates restoration of the centre of rotation. 2 Through the movable cone and the eccentric head, the proximal humerus can be anatomically reconstructed.1, 2

The simple instrumentation enhances the advantages of this shoulder endoprosthesis: Resection is performed under retrotorsion monitoring, the rasps are used as test prostheses and the reconstruction of the centre of the head is simple and logical. 1, 2

Affinis is available in cemented and uncemented versions.


  • Adjustment for restoration of the centre of rotation 1
  • Simple instrumentation
  • Suitable for adaptation to post-traumatic malpositions 1

1 Irlenbusch, U., et al., Prospective study of double-eccentric hemi shoulder arthroplasty in different aetiologies: midterm results. Int Orthop, 2011. 35(7): p. 1015-23.

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