Cruciate ligament preservation


Ligamys is a treatment method for fresh ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament in which the patient's own cruciate ligament is preserved. The injured knee is stabilised dynamically by means of the implant, so that the torn cruciate ligament grows together 1 and regains its function. 2

The Ligamys implant comprises a monoblock and a suture: the polyethylene suture is secured in the femur using a flip anchor and guided along the injured ligament structure through the joint to the tibia.

There the suture is secured with pre-defined tension in the spring system which is anchored in the monoblock. This results in a dynamic connection between the femur and tibia which stabilises the joint and relieves the injured cruciate ligament. The cruciate ligament can grow back together while the spring system ensures knee stability in every phase of movement. 3

Due to the decreasing potential for healing, Ligamys must be used within 21 days after the rupture.

More information can be found on the Ligamys website.


  • Dynamic stabilisation of the knee during the entire phase of regeneration 4
  • Promotion of biological self-healing of a freshly ruptured cruciate ligament
  • No graft removal necessary

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