Surgeon-controlled limb positioner



ADAPTABLE® is an efficient solution designed for unconstrained movement of the hip, knee, and shoulder during arthroplasty and arthroscopy. With ADAPTABLE, you no longer need specialised equipment for each anatomy, and you have total control because of its unique design features that allow mobility and versatility at its best.

ADAPTABLE is the first fully sterile, surgeon-controlled limb and retractor holder designed for safe total hip arthroplasty, highly efficient knee surgery, and convenient patient positioning in upper-extremity arthroplasty and arthroscopic procedures. The fully mechanical and lightweight positioning arm made of carbon fibre works seamlessly with any standard operating table and can reduce the number of staff needed at the surgical table in the operating room. ADAPTABLE is easy to set up, transport, and store.


– Fully mechanical – no tubes, no batteries, no compressed gas,
   no foot pedal
– Can be installed on any standard operating table
– Lightweight carbon-fibre design
– Easy to set up and transport
– Requires little space for storage

– Addresses surgeons’ needs for individual preferences and
   multiple procedure types
– No specialised equipment for each anatomy required
– Serving as limb and retractor holder
– Can be operated from different positions

Total control
– Feather-Touch™1 Handle allows the surgeon to control the
   arm unassisted
– Allows to securely lock the limb in the right place with one hand
– Decreases risk of incorrect movements of the operating table
– Improved efficiency – reduces OR staff needed at the table


  • For hip, knee, and upper-extremity surgeries
  • Serving as limb and retractor holder
  • Fully mechanical – no tubes, no batteries, no compressed gas, no foot pedal
  • Allows to securely lock the limb in the right place with one hand

1 Feather-Touch™ is a trademark of Quantum Ops


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