DKOU 2024

22. Octobre 2024 - 25. Octobre 2024

A propos DKOU 2024

In order to ensure the best treatment of our patients in the future, we are pushing ahead the medical and scientific progress, developing new treatment methods, refining known and proven concepts and training our junior staff. However, the political framework conditions, demographic change and crises with global impacts are making our daily work even more difficult. How can medical and scientific progress be financed? How can the medical treatment of an ageing society be realised for everyone? How do we attract and retain the next generation, especially in our field? In short, how can orthopaedics and trauma surgery be designed and developed in a sustainable, forward-looking way for the benefit of our patients? Meaningful and innovative concepts must be developed in agreement between society, politics and us as service providers. If we want to continue to be excellent in patient care, science as well as education and training in the future, these concepts must be implemented today.

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22. – 25.10.2024


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