Preventing falls


Avoiding falls

Each year in the US, around 700'000 to 1 million patients suffer a fall during their hospital stay.* An AI-based technology from the company VirtuSense Technologies could help. Designed to prevent falls in hospital rooms, the AI works in combination with sensors based on infrared technology to detect if a person intends to get out of bed or get up from a chair 35 to 65 seconds before they do and alerts the nursing staff. Upon use of the VSTOne system in more than 40 hospitals, the number of falls fell by 60%. As well as being capable of predicting falls, VTSOne also offers hospitals wearable sensors for vital signs and a telemedicine platform. This connects patients with specialists and other members of their care team.

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* LeLaurin JH, Shorr RI. Preventing Falls in Hospitalized Patients: State of the Science. Clin Geriatr Med 2019;35(2):273-283.



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