Affinis Short

Short stem shoulder prosthesis


As a forerunner of stemless shoulder prostheses, Affinis Short is defined by a ground-breaking implant design that combines the advantages of simple, anatomical reconstruction without major bone loss and thanks to the coating of the component, allows completely cementless anchorage in the humerus and glenoid.

Uncompromising in the placement of the prosthesis as well as in the size gradation of the heads. This results in an anatomical reconstruction 1, which is fast and easy to revise.

Less invasive than stemmed prostheses thanks to stemless, metaphyseal anchorage. In addition, the cementless fixation eliminates the risk of thermal damage to the surrounding bone during the curing of the bone cement. The sophisticated anchorage design allows straightforward stem and glenoid extraction. Important bone stock is preserved in the process.

Established primary procedure with 10 years of clinical experience and excellent registry data 7.

The stable primary anchorage 2, 8 combined with bioactive calcium phosphate coated stem leads to a secure secondary stability 4, 5, 6. In addition, the enhanced glenoid vitamys design reduces the rocking horse effect 2.

Defined by pioneering implant design as well as by advanced materials. The stable anchoring 2, the anatomical head design 1 and the wear resistant vitamys-ceramic articulation bearing 3 underline these principles.

A straightforward set concept and a clever instrumentation simplify the workflow during implantation. Furthermore, all surgical steps are instrument guided, thereby reproducible results can be achieved.


  • Anatomical reconstruction 1 thanks to uncompromising prosthesis placement and pioneering implant design
  • Bone preserving thanks to metaphyseal anchorage and cementless fixation
  • Established prosthesis with more than 10 years of clinical experience and excellent registry data 7
  • Reliable secondary stability 4, 5, 6 thanks to stable primary anchorage 2, 8 combined with bioactive calcium phosphate coating
  • Abrasion-resistant vitamys–ceramics sliding coupling 3 thanks to advanced materials
  • Straightforward implantation workflows thanks to smart instrumentation

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