Interview with
Prof. Andreas Niemeier

In cooperation with Winglet we will again present our successful Mathys Online-Live Symposia in 2022 in English on the topic «Current Challenges in Joint Arthroplasty».

The scientific programme will be designed and moderated by Prof. Andreas Niemeier (Hamburg, Germany) and Prof. Karl Stoffel (Basel, Switzerland).


In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in Total Joint Arthroplasty today?

From a global perspective, the level of care that is achievable in arthroplasty today – no matter whether in hip, knee or shoulder surgery – is extremely high. We have come to see a saturation effect. Overall, it is very difficult to make any further real, clinically relevant and sustainable improvements. Conversely, there is a relatively high risk of making things less good just by doing them differently. 
Therefore, for each incremental step forward, considerable amounts of effort and rigorous science are required to make sure that changes introduced will actually translate into real improvement for pa-tients, surgeons, the orthopaedic community, and society overall.

Still, there are unmet needs that call for changes. We need innovation and further developments, as we continue to face unsolved problems. 
We will have to address challenges in particular in (a) kinematics and biomechanics, in particular in the shoulder and knee (b) somewhat related to that: a better understanding of soft tissue manage-ment in TJA of all major joints (c) technology, in particular in integrating computer assistance and artificial intelligence into clinical workflows and (d) prevention and treatment of periprosthetic joint infections, probably the most demanding challenge. 

Delivering the best possible and yet affordable care under growing economic pressure is another ma-jor challenge that is present, in a variety of ways, in health care markets around the world.

Personalized medicine, i.e. arthroplasty tailored to the individual patient’s constitution and needs will become a demanding task in the not-too-distant future.

As chairman of the Mathys Online-Live Symposia, what can you tell the participants to expect when attending the meeting?

Participants can expect robust scientific assessment and detailed discussion of the key challenges in arthroplasty from leading experts in the field. They will share their opinions on and insight into clini-cally relevant issues faced by all arthroplasty surgeons in their practice, using real-life case studies and surgical videos to illustrate how these issues can be solved. The event will be highly interactive, with participants able to ask questions and join in the debate, which promises to be lively – and even a little controversial!

In your opinion and your experience, what is an advantage of having an Online-Live Symposia?

The Mathys Online-Live Symposia format is the best possible substitute for in-person events in profes-sional education. For many colleagues, the biggest advantages are the removal of geographical barri-ers to attendance and the time saved travelling. The interactive nature of the online-live symposia also helps you make the most of your time, by making it easier to connect with other participants and thus form mutually beneficial professional relationships. Virtual events are a family-friendly, cost-effective and time-saving way to pursue continuous medical education, and they will remain a valua-ble resource long after the current pandemic is over.

Why should someone definitely participate in this event?

By participating in this event, you will learn new information to inform your practice. You’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ask questions. You’ll be able to connect with your peers so that you can grow your network. Most of all, you’ll really enjoy yourself!

Thank you for the interview, Prof. Andreas Niemeier


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