Mathys Education survey 2023

Since 1958, we have considered ourselves obligated to provide continuous training to medical professionals. Together with our users, we share responsibility for patients. With individual professional training we take our responsibility seriously.

Now we want to learn about your needs to improve our education services for you. 
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“Education allows us to discuss our practices, discuss new innovations with our colleagues. We get a lot of ideas that way. It really helps us move the field forward. It allows us to take better care of our patients, which is ultimately what we're all here to do. (…) If we didn't have that exchange of ideas, I'm not sure we'd innovate the way we can. I don't think we would be able to really advance the field and take our knowledge forward.”
Prof. James Browne, Universität von Virginia, Charlottesville, USA

“Education is important as a way to disseminate knowledge.”
Dr. R. Michael Meneghini, Indiana University School of Medicine, Fishers, USA

"Es ist sehr wichtig für uns, dass der Austausch von Ideen, Techniken und Philosophien stattfindet und wir voneinander lernen können, insbesondere wenn man sich mit Experten trifft."
Prof. Christoph Lohmann, Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg, Deutschland


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