Press release, 31 March 2022

Medical technology company Mathys, based in Bettlach, Switzerland, adds a pioneering new implant to its shoulder arthroplasty portfolio. The Affinis Glenoid vitamys uncemented combines impressive bone-preserving and hypoallergenic properties with an uncompromising focus on preserving mobility.  

More than ten years after the first Affinis Short anatomical shoulder prosthesis was implanted, medical technology company, Mathys, has made another pioneering achievement in shoulder surgery with the hypoallergenic Affinis Glenoid vitamys uncemented. Features of the innovative isoelastic glenoid component include an RM titanium coating, which allows for a cement-free, bone-preserving anchoring of the Affinis Short.

Polyethylene vitamys and RM titanium coating for bone preservation

A major feature of the Affinis Glenoid vitamys uncemented is its remarkable bone-preserving potential. Key to this is the low-wear, vitamin E-enriched, highly cross-linked polyethylene vitamys, which reduces the risk of osteolysis, thanks to its high wear resistance. The bone-preserving properties of the new implant are enhanced by the unique RM titanium coating, named after the founder of the company, Robert Mathys. This coating, which covers the backside and both pegs of the glenoid component, consists of titanium particles anchored in the polyethylene individually, i.e. with no structural connection between them. As a result, the coating has little effect on the elasticity of the implant, so the Affinis Glenoid vitamys uncemented remains isoelastic.

A further bone-preserving effect of the RM titanium coating is that it enables the glenoid component to be fixed without the use of cement. No cement means the risk of thermal damage to the surrounding bone from curing of the bone cement post implantation is also eliminated. Also, because there is no bone cement to prepare or cure for the implantation process, the operating time for primary surgery is significantly reduced. 

Uncompromising focus on preserving mobility

The highest priority for Mathys in developing implants is to preserve mobility. This uncompromising focus is evident in the thin monoblock design of the Affinis Glenoid vitamys uncemented, which enables the joint surface to be placed close to the native glenoid bone. This means that during implantation, the joint line can be optimally reconstructed, with, physiologically, an anatomical centre of rotation. The importance of accurate reconstruction of the joint line is not to be underestimated.

Ideal for patients with hypersensitivity

Another advantage of the new glenoid component from Mathys is the implant’s hypoallergenic properties. When it comes to joint replacements, allergic reactions to metal ions are a key concern for patients and physicians alike. The Affinis Short prosthesis, in combination with the new Affinis Glenoid vitamys uncemented, is completely free of nickel, cobalt, chromium and molybdenum ions, and constitutes a standard, readily available implant solution for cases of possible hypersensitivity to these metal ions or bone cement.

About Mathys Ltd Bettlach

Mathys is a globally operating company. Founded in 1946, the company has been active in medical technology since 1958. Since 2003, Mathys has focused exclusively on the development, manufacture and distribution of products for artificial joint replacements. The company's services include implants for hips, knees, and shoulders, as well as synthetic bone replacements. In 2013, Mathys moved into the field of sports orthopaedics. Mathys has development and production sites in Switzerland and Germany, as well as subsidiaries in 11 countries. Overall, Mathys employs around 600 people.

In 2021, Mathys and the US firm DJO are combining to strengthen their position in the growing market for artificial joints.


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